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Introducing 50 Steps Past the Mango Tree, Finca Los Mangos’ straight-from-the-farm coffee. This coffee is the result of many carefully planned events, including meticulous plant husbandry, tedious picking, methodical long fermentation processing, and precise roasting.

This coffee achieves a harmonious balance of notes that will make it hard to have just one cup. Orders are directly processed from the farm, please allow for at least 3 weeks to arrive to your home. 

50 Steps - Whole Bean 12oz

“Across the creek, along the forest line, and 50 steps past the mango tree” reads the deed to my family’s eighteen-acre coffee farm in Risaralda, Colombia. Beyond that mango tree sits a family-run farm producing meticulously grown and processed specialty coffee.


In 2023, Los Mangos Coffee Farm ventured to bring beans beyond Colombia for the first time and introduce our own brand: 50 Steps Past the Mango Tree. From our farm to your cup – and from our family to yours – we are grateful to be part of your day.

50 Steps - Whole Bean 12oz

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